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Nagano Aerial Lifts

Designed and manufactured in Japan, Nagano – a Tadano group company – has a long history and extensive technical expertise in crawler tracked aerial lifts. These machines have been developed through empirical observations on worksites as well as feedback from customers who work in challenging conditions.

In-house control devices and software, with proven quality over decades.

Established in 1968, so over 50 years of experience

The undercarriage is designed to deliver an exceptionally smooth driving experience, even on rough terrain surfaces.

We build machines with hallmark precision control in the millimeter range.

Our innovative power is based on knowledge built up in over half a century of production and distribution of construction equipment, radio controlled systems and electronic manufacturing services. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we are building on this experience for the future.

Our Locking Valve enables steady machine posture, allowing the operator to work at height with full confidence in safety.

All our machines are Tested to the Limits.

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